Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache pain is not only severe but it can also turn out to be dangerous. If you tend to suffer from toothache pain then you must try getting relief as soon as possible before the pain turns serious. Toothache is the most aggravating and the worst type of pain and this is a fact that is very well-known to people who might have suffered from this kind of pain. Here, it is also important to note that getting Toothache Pain Relief is not an easy thing. People who suffer from toothache find it very difficult to get hold of good remedies or cures apart from visiting an expensive dentist. However, visiting a dentist also does not work sometimes.

Toothache Pain ReliefWhat should be done for Instant Toothache Pain Relief?

Severe toothaches require instant dental attention but the mild toothaches can always be healed using natural remedies. Different people will have different results using natural remedies for toothache. Therefore, it is important to experiment with some home remedies in order to understand the remedy that best works for your teeth. If there is nothing that shows positive results then you might have to go for a permanent solution. Some of the best home remedies that can be tried out for instant Toothache Pain Relief are as follows:

Raw Garlic

Raw garlic is the best home remedy for toothache only if you do not have an allergy to raw garlic. Crushed clove of raw garlic helps in alleviating toothache pain at a very fast pace. Garlic contains antibiotic compounds which can effectively be used for treating different types of ailments. Garlic can also be used for stopping gum pain. It also has the capacity of killing harmful bacteria which might be responsible for severe pain in the tooth. Garlic is very strong in its raw form and therefore you must take care not to ingest too much raw garlic because this can disturb the digestive system of your body.


Using whiskey in the form of a toothache remedy is temporary. However, it must be noted that whiskey has a certain numbing effect on the tooth and thus it helps in making the toothache pain bearable. If you want to try whiskey for your toothache pain then you can either swish brandy or whiskey in your mouth for at least thirty seconds. You can also soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then place this ball around your tooth for one or two minutes. This procedure helps in getting instant relief from toothache pain.

Vanilla Extract

Same as whiskey, vanilla extract also has a numbing effect on the tooth that pains and gives temporary relief from toothache. It can simply be used in the form of a mouth wash and swished around the mouth for minimum thirty seconds prior to spitting it out. The procedure can be repeated as required for numbing the toothache pain.

Clove or Clove Oil

Clove or clove oil is a home remedy for toothache that is widely accepted by people throughout the world. It is one method that is being tried out since centuries and has always worked well on toothache pain which is caused due to dry socket. It is a home remedy that can be applied very easily. All you need to do is place a clove in the sore region of your tooth and crush it. Keep chewing the clove until the toothache pain subsides. Clove can be substituted for clove oil or you can even make a paste of crushed cloves and water to be applied on the aching tooth. This paste can also be made using crushed cloves and olive oil. It is always best to go for the paste option because it gives you the flexibility of molding it the way you want without the requirement of holding it in place.


Onion is a toothache pain relief remedy that acts very fast on the aching tooth. If you want to get the best results instantly then make sure to use an onion that is freshly cut. Slice the onion and try sticking it within your mouth especially around the sum region or the region of sore tooth. Try squeezing the onion a bit for releasing onion juice in the sore area. This will help you in felling better within a very short span of time.

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